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            SteelArt is a licensed professional office furniture supplier in China. It registered both in Hong Kong and Mainland China. We offer a full range of office desks, chairs, workstations, conference desks, filing cabinet and sofa etc. Besides, you can also find a series of steel furniture, including steel filing cabinet, locker, wardrobe, metal rack and safe etc. Sticking to the idea of "specializing in manufacturing perfect furniture designed according to the theory of human engineering", SteelArt gains rapid development since its establishment...


            Telephone: 0086 379 6013 7009 / 6555 6625

            Mobile: 0086 186 3886 1191

            Fax: 0086 379 6555 6625

            E-mail : steelart@live.cn

            Address:Pangcun, Industry Zone, Luoyang ,China,471000

            Send your inquiry directly to this supplier
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